years of being a musician, Karlheinz Miklin jr. decided to form the first band under his own direction in 2021.

The band´s concept (as almost all of it´s repertoire) has been created by him. And – as a logical consequence of his musical developement as a Rock and Jazz  musician with classical background – it offers a pretty diverse mix of musical styles and lots of freedom musically.

To bring his musical ideas to life he has selected musicians whom he had been working and connected especially well with before. All off them are masters of their instruments and have long been established as valued members of the national and international Jazz scene.

In November 22 following footsteps recorded 3 concerts at tube´s in Graz and their self titled first album will be released on Session Work Records on May 8th 2023

Karlheinz Miklin
Was born in Autria in 1971 and has studied Jazzdrums at the AIM in Vienna and the Musikhochschule in Graz.

As a member of his fathers´ Karlheinz Miklin Trio for 20 years  he has recorded and played on big festival stages and in small Jazzclubs all over Europe and in South South America (Bra, Arg, Ven). He has been a steady member of the Luis Bonilla/Sigi Feigl Quintett for a couple of years and played and toured with the likes of Sheila Jordan, Enrico Rava, Michael Abene, Don Menza  or Dena De Rose.

Since 1989 he also is a founding member of The Base. By now he and his collegues in one of Austria´s best known Indie/Rockbands have released 14 albums, played hundreds of live shows, recorded several film soundtracks and, amongst other unique projects, collaborated with the Oper Graz for a modern dance project.

Gerhard Ornig
was born in Austria 1990. He studied trumpet in Graz, Amsterdam and New York.

He is very in demand as a Big Band player and a steady member of the Orjazztra Vienna, the Concept Art Orchestra and the Jazzorchester Steiermark amongst others. Has also worked with the NDR Big Band, the Latvian Radio Big Band and the Zagreb Jazz Orkestar… He`s the leader of the Gerhard Ornig Trio which is about to releae it´s second album and is a member of bands like the Ornig/Rudzinskis Quartett, Four Seasons or Sound Pollution Eclectic. He has also worked and played all over Europe as a sideman with the likes of  Miguel Zenon, Dick Oatts, Ed Neumeister and Karlheinz Miklin

Emiliano Sampaio
Was born in São Paulo in 1984. After studying Jazz guitar in Brazil, he moved to Graz/Austria in 2012 to study composition, arrangement and trombone.

As a leader to this date he has released eleven crtitically acclaimed albums with his Meretrio, the Mereneu Project and and the Mereneu Big Band and which have won several prizes internationally. He has toured all over the world with these bands and also worked internationally as a composer/arranger and conductor with Big Bands like Metropole Orkest (NL), Frankfurt Radio Big Band (D), Toshi Clich Big Band (AUS) or Uptown Big Band  (CH) amongst others. He has also won several prizes at international competitions with his compositions.

Hrvoje Kralj
Was born in Karlovac, Croatia in 1993. After starting out on the electric, he then begings to study the upright bass first and Croatia and later in Graz.

He has worked and recorded with groups like the Jerko Jurin Quartet, Davor Krizic Experiment, The Coquette Jazz Band and Future Lounge and has toured all over Europe as a sideman with the likes of Don Menza, Harry Allen, Lezlie Harrison, Phil Robson. He also has toured with the KUG Jazz Orchester and Ed Neumeisters trombone ensemble. He also kept studying the electric bass and is very active in his country´s modern electronic/experimental scene.


20.30 Uhr // Porgy and Bess Wien

29.02.24 / 01.03.24 / 02.02.24
20.00 Uhr // tube´s Graz

20.00 Uhr // Marenzikeller Leibnitz

20.00 Uhr // Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt

20.00 Uhr // Haus der Musik  St.Johann i.P.

20.00 Uhr // Kulturforum Villach

20.00 Uhr // Kulturforum Hallein 

20.00 Uhr // Pfarrsaal Feldkirchen

Kompakte, auch solistisch überzeugende Quartettmusik, die sich hören lassen kann.
Mit Following Footsteps startet Miklin nun gleich auf sehr hohem Niveau, ja mit einem durch die Bank gelungenen CD Debüt, das keinen internationalen Vergleich zu scheuen braucht.
Kleine Zeitung
Die Musiker von "Following Footsteps" zeigen auf diesem Album ihre enormen interpretatorischen und improvisatorischen Fähigkeiten. Wunderbare Musik, wir sind begeistert!
Die Band um Drummer Karlheinz Miklin breitet ein weites Spektrum aus, das freie Form, verträumten Jazz - Noir und Rock in Motion formvollendet verbindet.
…liefert das Quartett Musik zwischen Post Bop, Funk und Rock auf sehr erfrischende Art und Weise, mit spannenden Soli durchsetzt und mit beeindruckender Lässigkeit gespielt.
Die CD präsentiert 67 Minuten lang experimentierfreudige und konzentrierte Musiker auf der Suche nach der inneren Kraft der Klänge
Das Album nimmt einen mit auf eine 67 minütige spannende, einmal beruhigende und dann wieder mitreißende musikalische Reise.
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